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García Pozo, Ana María
Gestión (de cuidados/del personal).
  • Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón
[Evaluation and dimensions that define the labor environment and job satisfaction in nursing staff].
Gestión (de cuidados/del personal)
Atención Hospitalaria
Estudio descriptivo
Adultos > 18 años
García-Pozo A,Moro-Tejedor MN,Medina-Torres M

To describe the dimensions with the greatest impact on the job satisfaction and work environment in the nursing staff in a tertiary hospital.
Cross-sectional analytical and observational study, carried out in nurses with a full-time job. The instrument used was a questionnaire adapted from the satisfaction survey of the Basque Country (Spain) Outcome variables: global evaluation of work environment and job satisfaction. Independent variables: characteristics of individuals and organizations. An overall and by professional categories analysis has been made by a multivariate regression.
1676 questionnaires were received. Average age: 40.8 years (9.7) Seniority: Median: 12 years (IR: 4-20). The average overall evaluation of work environment was 5.9 (2) and of the job satisfaction 6.7 (2). The variables that explain the work environment are: physical conditions, training, satisfaction, promotion, organization, relationships with colleagues, knowledge of the directive objectives, adequacy of management decisions. Job satisfaction is defined by: use of the professional capacity, recognition, organization, satisfaction, information, knowledge of the directive objectives and receptiveness of nursing directive.
The overall evaluation of work environment and job satisfaction is good/high overall and by categories, although the dimensions that determine the evaluation are different depending on each category. It is noted that the dimensions that define the work environment are more related to work environment and those which define job satisfaction are more related to individual factors.

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